Saturday, April 2, 2016

Trip to Korea

We booked this Korean trip during last year's Matta fair. It's a 6 night trip with 2 nights in Jeju,  a night each in mountain and ski resort, and another 2 nights in Seoul. we took Korean air and reached Incheon airport at 7am. While waiting for the rest of the transport we bought some bread at the bakery in the airport.

 a nice lady offered to take a photo of us when she saw me snapping my children.
 lepas tu offer sorang2 amik gambar. Siap suruh pose tu
 The lady that I was referring to. She showed me several photos of her in KLIA. Siap belanja irfan macaron and drink lagi.
Irfan enjoying his free snack.
First stop - we went to Grevin wax museum. 
It was snowing here.
Apalagi, suma amik kesempatan berphoto session la. 
Took many photos inside the museum too.

 People said that he is short but he's still  taller than me
 Yang ni tak payah cakap...mmg tinggi
 The Queen is more my height...hihihi
After museum, we went to Indian buffet lunch. While eating the snow gets heavy, suma cepat2 makan and went outside to take photos. Then we went to Gimpo airport to take a 45 mins domestic flight to Jeju. We reached jeju around 4.30, as we land, i looked outside and saw the sea with some old building nearby, it was beautiful. I felt like I landed in a quaint town. I was told later by our guide that there are no secondary school in Jeju. So only old people and small kids here with 560k population.

 After solat we went straight to dinner. Tonight dinner was in a seafood steamboat restaurant. There's an abalone for each of us.
The soup was just ok but the seafood was good.
the side dishes- kimchi, seaweed, grilled fish, dried squid and some vege.

Our hotel in Jeju- Hotel Shamein.
Tangerine tree outside our hotel. I saw some tourist just pluck the tangerine and bagged it.
After breakfast in the hotel, we went to Haenyeo or sea lady museum.
their suit for diving. In Jeju history, the divers were known to be independent and determined divers as they need to be to support their families. According to our guide, the Japanese tried to find out how the divers managed to hold their breath for a long time under the sea. Their conclusion: Self sacrifice concept of the haenyeo.
Their boat?

Nest stop- Aquarium

snapped many photos here, but the lighting was not good.

Outside the aquarium

After aquarium we went to Seopkopji beach. It consist of 2km beach stretch with stunning view- just like in many korean dramas.
View from above

 sotong bakar, anyone? 

 After seopkopji we went to Sunrise Peak, at the eastern side of Jeju.
Sunrise peak is a Unesco heritage new natural wonders, a major attraction in Jeju.
Climbing to the peak
We're here!

enjoy the wefies!

Went to lunch after that. Lunch was fish exclusively found in Jeju.
Sit -on-the-floor lunch

 Many interesting side dishes
 Fish and other seafood in spicy broth
 the rice is serve in a metal bowl in a wooden box.
 First time i saw this flavour in a potato chips. A new taste for me- sedap!

After solat we went to Jeju folk village. it is the southern part of Jeju. About 50 percent of folk village are used for korean drama setting.

Just look at the pavement
 Our tour guide was telling a story of the wooden structure and the sticks.

Irfan posing as the Grandfather statue
Miniature land is the next stop.

Mostly interesting buildings from all over the world. Took many photos, but mostly in DH phone.
About 50 mins from Miniature world, our bas lalu mysterious road,where it looks like it's going uphill, but it s actually downhill. The road was found by a taxi driver..

 Last stop, Teseum/ teddy bear museum-Nothing to shout about, you can give it a miss.
This place makes colourful photo though.

Dinner was green tea seafood pancake. yummy! I've googled this recipe and intend to make it soon.
also on the menu- spicy fish soup- sort of like asam pedas ikan. Next stop- Nami Island!


Lee said...

Hello Ezlin, Saw you dropped by my pondok....itu betul, kedai da tutup.
I balek ke pondok lama, 'A Moonlight Rendezvous'. Drop by this old pondok.
Look forward to see you there soon.
I love your pics here.

Ezlin, ni nak tanya sikit...hope you don't mind...but noticed the kedai makanan tu, the food, itu semua kedai makan halal? Korea ada kedai halal?
I too suka Korea, but prefer more Japan.

Your pics with family very nice, can see your children grown up. And I'm sure with all that air travel sini sana they must be good in their Geography.
I see you all wearing jackets, must be still sejok there.

Psssst, tada pergi tu Jeju park with hubby? Ha ha.
You looking good too, Ezlin.
Have a fun weekend.

ezlin said...

Hi Lee,

We actually took a muslim package to Korea. So either they brought us to halal restaurant (mostly indian food) or seafood restaurant that do not serve pork. In Seoul we even ate a halal ginseng chicken soup. If we are travelling on our own, there is no way we know these restaurants because all the words are in Korean. I also prefer Japan to Korea.

It's actually end of winter but still very cold, temperature about 5-7C.

Tak dapat pegi park tu la Lee...itinerary full. Pagi keluar malam baru balik hotel.

Have a great day, lee,


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tushar soni said...

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tushar soni said...

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Scott McRobie